Little Town Decal Set
Little Town Decal Set

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Little Town Decal Set

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This beautiful set of Little Town wall decals is the perfect way to add fun and creativity to your little ones room or nursery! Each decal is individual so can be applied in any way you like. Get creative and design your own little town main street! This set is part of our exclusive range where every element has been beautifully hand painted in graphite and watercolour by a local Melbourne artist. These decals are made to look like they have been hand painted onto your wall (see detail pic). A full set will cover around 5 - 5.5 metres of wall space width.

These decals are available in 3 set options -

A full set includes (20 decals) : 2 x town houses (largest measuring 91cm high), 1 x cafe / apartment (94cm), bookshop (78cm), bakery (60cm), grocer (58cm), ice-creamery (68cm), florist (53cm), coffee van (27cm high), fairy floss cart (26cm), fruit cart (26cm), 2 x trees (44cm), 2 x lamp posts (40cm), 3 x bushes (14cm) & 2 x bikes (14cm).

Each individual wall decal is printed full colour onto a peel and stick, polyester fabric material.

Please note that all decals are cut into colour and do not have a white border. They are 100% opaque so can be applied to any colour wall. Some detailed areas such as in between bike spokes will have a white background.

Our decals can be installed on virtually any flat, clean surface and then removed and reused many times over without leaving any adhesive residue. They are easy to apply and remove and will not shrink, rip or wrinkle. As the material is a polyester fabric, it is Class A or 1 fire rated, green, non-toxic and perfectly safe to use anywhere in your home.

Room image is an example only and may not be to scale - see exact size above.

Please note that the colours printed may vary from the example images shown.