108 Magnetic Building Tiles


108 Magnetic Building Tiles

Sale price2,950.00

High quality 108 pieces magnetic tiles from Onshine.

Let kids enjoy building, playing and learning! Made of high quality plastic * strong big magnets for long lasting enjoyment & durability. 

-Passed EN71 Safety Certificate makes it Safe for the Child to DIY. So you do not have to worry about those Magnetic Tiles Toy Break Easily and Being Harmful

-Set Includes Triangle(x20), Long Triangle(x8), Square(x28), Right Triangle(x10), Car(x2), Two-Lattice Window(x2), Arch Door(x4), Four-Lattice Window(x4), Hole Door(x8), H-Shape(x6), Barrier(x9), Small Rectangle(x3), L-Shape(x2) and Big Square(x2)

-Easy to Assemble and Split, Easy Cleanup and Storage

-Click N Play: comes with Magnetic side feature making it easy to build buildings, vehicles and more

-Help Children Improve Hand-Eye Coordination, Gain a Strong Sense of Color and Focus by using their Hands to Foster Skills

-Inspire Unlimited Fun Creations

-Perfect Educational Toy for School-Age Children that Never Go Out of Style.